From: Henry Kamal (

To: Simon Bonner (

Subject: Trip

Date: April 22

Greetings Simon!

Well, it’s only been a month since I moved up to this Operations Manager position, and I already have a big trip ahead of me. Next week I will be touring production facilities in Dagastan, but, as you know, I’ve never been there. I copied and pasted my itinerary right here:

Itinerary for Mr. Henry Kamal (four sites to be visited in Dagastan)

Sun May 2 Arrive Dagastan, meet guide (Anatoly Kopec), stay overnight at Deluxe Class Kalovov Hotel (near Convention Center)

Mon May 3 – Fri May 7 production facility site visits

Site Transit point / accommodation Transportation
Vostog Khasang / Zhongda Hotel Charter flight
Antonov Parmaty / Regent Hotel Charter flight
Darig Slovensko / Tambova Hotel Charter flight
Mokbata Lubnyan / Silver Hotel Charter flight*


*depart Dagastan International Airport at 05:15 Fri May 7

What do you think? Is this itinerary too hectic? I know you’ve visited the facilities in Dagastan before, so I was hoping you could field a few more questions. First, what is the food like? And how is the accommodation there? Also, I’m wondering if I can buy things with local currency there, or if I need to use dollars and Euros. Any help you can give on these matters would be most appreciated.

Best regards,



From: Simon Bonner (

To: Henry Kamal (

Subject: Site visits

Attachment: Dagastan “sampler” (May 8-13)

Hi, Henry

Belated congratulations on your new position. I’m sure you will be happy with it. Interestingly enough, I followed almost the same itinerary on my facility tour in Dagastan last May (see my attached “sampler” of random trip pictures) except that I stayed in Slovensko before flying to Parmaty. The itinerary does move you around quickly, but it never seems rushed. Evenings, in particular, are relaxed.

All of the accommodation on the trip is Deluxe Class, except for the Standard Class Tambova Hotel. You’ll have breakfast there before your site visit, and the service can be slow, so you may want to wake up early that day. Some of the meals in Dagastan are better than others, but overall the food is reasonably satisfying.

I’m afraid, however, I don’t know whether or not visitors can use the local money in Dagastan, or what other kinds of money are accepted. The rules have probably changed since they established the Free Enterprise Zone (FEZ) last August. If it’s up and running, the Dagastan visitor’s Web site may have a list of currencies that are in use.

I hope this helps some. Please do feel free to ask me more questions as they arise.

Take care,



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